Komotion Rig V0.3



Old video from June 8th 2017, showing features from Komotion Rig V0.3. This video was used for meetings during the year to show our achievements since the company started developing Komotion Rig for Professionals within the Animation Industry.

Industry professional responses:

  • ‘It raises the bar on auto-rigging tools’.
  • ‘The learning curve seems so small’
  • ‘Very Innovative’
  • ‘Fast’
  • ‘It seems very efficient’
  • ‘Finally a tool with a user-friendly interface’
  • ‘That’s a very sophisticated animation system’
  • ‘I can’t believe its game engine friendly’

Fox Byte Games, June 2017


Contract Work for Fox Byte Games. Animation examples that we found most appealling. These have been created for the game ‘Creator’s Legacy’ Fox Byte Games, using the Komotion Rig pipeline.

Models: Provided by Fox Byte Games

Rigging: 3 hours

skinning: 3 hours 30 minutes

Animations: 8 hours

THE SEED, June 2017


In-house speed test with Komotion Rig. The project had a limit of one day to be completed. Model is a made up concept for a Pokemon ‘Face Hugger’, which was modelled in advance.

Model: provided by Alex Dixon

Rigging: 30 Minutes

Skinning: 30 minutes

Animation: 7 hours

Flexi-Bin, Oct 2016


We were approached to make a simple, 15-second cartoon advert for the product ‘Flexi-Bin’. The Client Brief was to have three ‘minion-esque’ bins in a scene ‘chatting’ to each other and having fun! We used the project as an opportunity to test out our still-in-development Komotion Rig with 3ds Max 2016 for rigging and animation.

Models: Provided by the client.

Rigging: 5 minutes.

Skinning: 35 minutes.

Animation: 7 hours 20 minutes.